Professional services

The Registry provides support to the academic functions of the University through a range of services to students and staff and
in support of the University’s core activities of teaching and learning. The office is responsible for a range of functions, from managing the data the University holds about students to the academic services for students to support their growth at the University.

Main responsibilities

  • Postgraduate Admissions Team: manages the enrolment processes for postgraduate and exchange/visiting students.
  • Student Academic Services Team: responsible for administration of the Academic Adviser System; dealing with day-to-day student enquiries; administration of the Progress Committee; hosting programme choice events; hosting or participating in various student induction programmes; and the annual editing and updating of the Student Handbook. It also distributes transcripts and certifications upon student request.
  • Student Records and Systems Team: maintains student records; manages annual student registration; provides statistical reporting and data exchanges for internal and external purposes; produces transcripts and certifications; produces graduation and degree certificates; manages student academic data for student progression and graduation in support of the various University academic committees/boards; maintains up-to-date programme structure and module specifications; generates and maintains teaching timetables; maintains student and module data provides consultancy services to students and staff; implements and developments the SITS (e-Bridge) system in collaboration with other offices.
  • Assessment Team: in charge of all aspects of work related to examinations and assessment, including scheduling and administration of formal examinations; filing and maintenance of answer scripts; coordination and support of external moderation of exam papers and marking. The team is also responsible for student discipline and appeals relating to examinations and assessment, while other work includes dealing with student mitigating circumstances requests; servicing University exam boards and other relevant academic committees; maintaining student results data; and communication with students regarding the publication of results.

Contact us

Location: 8th floor, Central Building
Open: 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)
Tel: +86 512 8816 1230
Email: [email protected]

For transcripts and certifications email us [email protected] or call us on +86 512 8816 1230.