Centre for Administrative Affairs

Campus Management office

The Campus Management office is responsible for on-site issues and logistic support, aiming to maintain a great environment for learning, teaching and research.

Main responsibilities

  • Develop long-term and annual plans for campus management and logistics in accordance with the University’s strategic plan. Gradually establish and improve the logistic support system.
  • Manage the campus environment including: effective usage, management, maintenance and security of facilities, equipment and other fixed assets; ensure regular supplies of water and power with energy-saving initiatives; and manage the logistic services required by various departments, offices and students.
  • Supervise and coordinate with the property management company to make sure they provide satisfactory products and continue to improve their service quality.
  • Coordinate with external parties by creating and maintaining effective channels for better communication and cooperation.
  • Procurement and distribution of office supplies and other items required for the operation of the University.
  • Booking and managing of teaching and conference facilities.

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Location: 10th floor, Central Building
Open: 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)
Tel: +86 512 8816 1071
Email: [email protected]

Finance office

The Finance office strives to ensure the University has robust financial control and reliable financial systems.

Main responsibilities

  • Accurate recording of all financial transactions, through efficient and secure systems.
  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Safeguarding the University's assets, both tangible (buildings, equipment, cash and other liquid assets) and intangible.
  • Comprehensive medium- and short-term financial plans, budgets and forecasts.
  • Implementation of clearly defined financial regulations and procedures, including those governing the approval and control of income and expenditure.
  • Efficient communications with external agencies.
  • Efficient collection of all payment receivables and effective use of the University’s monetary assets.

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Location: 10th floor, Central Building
Open: 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)
Tel: +86 512 8816 1020
Email: [email protected]

Human Resources office

The Human Resources office provides personnel services and support to all staff at the University, leads initiatives and activities for workforce planning and organisation development, and manages the acquisition and retention of talent. It aims to establish and reinforce a productive, efficient and friendly working environment with a rich and diverse culture.

Main responsibilities

Staff recruitment

  • Staff recruitment in China and worldwide
  • Institutional data
  • Online vacancies system development and maintenance

Compensation and benefits

  • Salary payment and payroll management
  • Tax and allowance policies and claims
  • Employment contract management
  • Medical insurance policies and claims
  • Management of SIP provident fund and social-welfare
  • Holiday, leave and attendance record maintenance

Support for international staff

  • Passport and visa service
  • Foreign expert certificate service
  • Accommodation service
  • Help with currency transfer
  • Service upon arrival (transportation, airport pickup, custom declarations)
  • Other related administrative services

Training and employee relations

  • Induction
  • Orientation
  • Professional development and probation, contract renewal, interim/annual performance and title/position change-related services
  • Internal and external training
  • Employee education

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Location: 10th floor, Central Building
Open: 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)
Tel: +86 512 8816 1040
Email: [email protected]

President's Office

The President's Office supports the Senior Management Team's daily work as well as manages new initiatives that contribute to the delivery of the University’s mission. The functions of the President’s Office include general affairs, secretary services to the SMT, acting as the University document centre, health and safety management and strategic development. The President’s Office is also responsible for coordinating the operation of organisations affiliated to XJTLU.

Main responsibilities

Secretarial services

  • Daily secretarial support to SMT
  • Meeting service and support
  • Report and speech preparation
  • Project coordination
  • Internal and external communication.

General affairs

  • Coordination of university events
  • Management of the University seal
  • Vehicle management
  • Government and stakeholder relationship management.

Document centre

  • Information and statistics management
  • Government notice distribution
  • University archive management
  • Confidential communication.

Health and safety

  • Monitor compliance with government policies and requirements
  • Provide relevant training to staff and students
  • Service the University Health and Safety Committee.

Strategic development

  • Lead on strategic University initiatives to support sustainable development
  • Coordinate institutional projects
  • Coordinate and support organisations affiliated to XJTLU, which include Suzhou Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Technology Transfer Centre Co., Ltd.; Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Education Development Foundation; Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Huai'an Research Institute of New-type Urbanisation; and Suzhou XJTLU Culture Communications Co., Ltd.


  • Board of Directors
  • University Advisory Board
  • Education Development Fund Board

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Location: 12th floor, Central Building
Emails: [email protected]
Open: 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)
Tel: +86 512 8816 1004/1012