Industrial Advisory Board

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department has established an Industrial Advisory Board together with representatives of companies in the civil engineering industry as part of strategic objectives to enhance the student learning experience and meet the requirements of employers and professional bodies.

The vision of board is to develop collaboration with mutually supportive initiatives between academia and industry to foster research, learning and career prospects for civil engineering students and increase the attractiveness of civil engineering professions as first-choice careers for the young generation.

The IAB's objectives are to:

  • Facilitate sustainable interaction between academia and industry for the benefits of students and employers
  • Continuously advance the quality and relevance of civil engineering programmes to meet the latest industry needs
  • Explore and identify the opportunity for developing academic-industry research partnerships
  • Enhance the effectiveness of industrial-based practical training and mentoring for students
  • Maximise the opportunities for offering civil engineering higher education to individuals working in the industry
  • Develop Continuing Professional Development (CPD) initiatives such as short courses and training services for practitioners to satisfy industry needs
  • Offer opportunity for employers to provide inputs in the curriculum development of civil engineering programmes to produce suitably qualified graduates
  • Provide research and consultancy facilities and quality services to the civil engineering industry.

IAB external members:

Xiaohui Xun (chair) Deputy General Manager Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Michael Kwok Director Arup Shanghai
Declan Nolan Commercial Manager Shanghai SIP Engineering Consulting
Jie Zhang General Manager Suzhou Zhongyan Engineering Geological Exploration Co., Ltd.
Hongkang Zhao Chief Structural Engineer Suzhou Institute of Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (CSIAD)
Wanshan Li Technical Director Shanghai Lishi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhaohe Gan Chief Construction Engineer Zhong Yi Feng Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Xuebin Xue Senior Engineer Suzhou Industrial Park Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Heming Zhuang Director Bureau Veritas Greater China