Research centres

English, Culture and Communication

Centre for Research in Languages, Culture, and Communication

The Centre for Research in Languages, Culture, and Communication (CRLCC) coordinates the Department's research activities in the areas of literature and linguistics, film, media, and other forms of culture. It aims to promote research and discussion across disciplinary boundaries and to provide a forum for discussion and collaboration with other departments and institutions.

The Centre hosts regular research seminars, featuring visiting lecturers, as well as coordinating talks and research reports by members of the Department. An annual conference explores a broad topic from a stimulating range of interdisciplinary perspectives.

For more information, please contact the centre's convenor Dr Penny Ding.

Research Centre for Language Technology

Language technology is an umbrella term for a range of technologies that are capable of processing human language. It refers to technologies used in language teaching and learning, translation, forensic analysis and telephony, as well as to those used in linguistic research. This interdisciplinary field falls within the boundaries of both linguistics and information and communication technology and is frequently associated with artificial Intelligence.

The Research Centre for Language Technology brings together a cross-disciplinary team of specialists with considerable background in relevant research, including computing scientists, statisticians and computational linguists.

One of its current projects is a learner language profiler, a programme that assesses to what extent learner English contains typical non-native like features. In addition to diagnostic assessment and placement purposes, this profiling could also find application in cross-linguistic dialogue systems used to facilitate communication in situations which require complex target language skills, where no interpreters are available, such as calling a taxi service in Suzhou.

The Centre is currently developing international collaboration with well-established sister institutions abroad.

Centre members:

Marina DodigovicCentre DirectorEnglish, Culture and Communication
Tony Rining WeiEnglish, Culture and Communication
Paul CheungEnglish, Culture and Communication
Steve JeacoLanguage Centre / English, Culture and Communication
Amy Hui LiEnglish, Culture and Communication
Hai-Ning Liang
English, Culture and Communication
Zhoulin RuanEnglish, Culture and Communication
Penelope ScottEnglish, Culture and Communication
Hui YinEnglish, Culture and Communication