Research seminars


Dr Corinna Wagner (University of Exeter)
Topic: Ways of looking/Ways of seeing: Anatomical aesthetics and realism

Dr Jian Luo (The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China)
Topic: Cognitive models and corpus analysis: A contrastive view of cognitive stylistic and corpus stylistic approaches to language study

Professor Harry P. Dai (Shanghai International Studies University)
Topic: Conference interpreting as a profession

Professor Xuening Li (Jiangnan University)
Topic: AVS-based bilingual alignment of emotion words

Dr Xuesong Gao (University of Hong Kong)
Topic: Strategising language learning and teaching

Professor Anwei Feng (The University of Nottingham University Ningbo)
Topic: What does bilingualism mean for transnational universities?

Professor Vince Yongchun Cai (University of Macau)
Topic: Deconstructionism and Translation

Professor Jonathan Locke Hart (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Topic: Shakespeare, genre and recognition

Professor Susan Hunston (University of Birmingham)
Topic: Looking at learner language: issues of accuracy and complexity

Dr Xinghua Liu (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Topic: Rethinking the relationship between L1 and L2 writing: The case of Qi-Cheng-Zhuan-He