Mission and vision

International Business School Suzhou

The mission of IBSS is to contribute to society through our education, research and business engagement, while our vision is to be an internationally renowned business school and a driver of impact creation in China and the region we operate. The guiding principles of IBSS are:


Our overarching principle is that we have an impact on society, helping to create a better world through our teaching, research and business and community engagement.


We are committed to international diversity in all aspects of our activities, developing a diverse international profile of students and academic staff, fostering international research and knowledge exchange links, and supporting the development of a global mind-set.


We welcome new ideas wherever they might be found and we value independent thinking, critical analysis, and both competitive and collaborative energy as routes to inspiration and creativity.


Today’s rapidly changing business environment demands the ability to translate creativity into new products, services and business models that serve the economy and society. Innovation is at the heart of our School and is reflected in our teaching, our thinking and our actions.


Sustainable development demands respect for society and the environment. We emphasise a strong ethical foundation in everything we teach, and we are committed to developing and applying knowledge that supports the triple bottom-line in serving the economy, society and the environment.