International seminar on Asia and Pacific economies

International Business School Suzhou

This annual event explores the theme of international economics, with special attention on the Asia and Pacific region and the Chinese economy.

It is part of the efforts of the Research Institute of Economic Integration to promote research in these two themes and build a network of researchers in the Asia and Pacific region. It is a forum for presenting research papers and developing joint research.

It is held at the XJTLU campus in Suzhou, usually within the first and second week of either May or July. Some funding is available for travelling for researchers within the region.

The round-table seminar is a platform for researchers doing empirical studies on the above mentioned fields. More than 15 papers are usually scheduled to be presented while participants are requested to provide their comments.

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Sixth international seminar on Asia and Pacific economies
11-12 May 2018
Call for papers

Round-Table Seminar Programme

*This is a round-table seminar with limited sits and attendees need to register for the event. If you intend to attend, send an email to [email protected] in advance to check availability.

Day One: May 11, 2018, Friday

0845-0900Registration (room: BS574)
0900-0915Opening Remarks: International Business School Suzhou,
Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
0915-0930Coffee Break

SESSION IADBI Session: Financial literacy (room: BS574)
Chairperson: Paulo Regis (XJTLU)
0930-1010Paper 1: Financial Literacy in Japan: Determinants and Impact
Presenter: Peter J Morgan (Asian Development Bank Institute)
Discussant: Lyons / Xun Zhang
1010-1050Paper 2: Impacts of Financial Literacy on Loan Demand of
Financially Excluded Households in China
Presenter: Angela Lyons (University of Illinois)
Discussant: Peter Morgan / Nimesh Salike
1050-1110Open floor Q&A
1110-1120Coffee Break

SESSION IIInnovation and Trade (room: BS574)
Chairperson: TBD
1120-1200Paper 1: Product Diversification: the Product Space in an Agent-Based Model
Presenter: Paulo Regis (XJTLU)
Discussant: Paolo Epifani / Anthony Howell
1200-1210Open floor Q&A
1210-1340Lunch Break

SESSION IIIChallenges in Rural China (room: BS341)
Chairperson: Angela Lyons
International Trade (room: BS343)
Chairperson: Anthony Howell
1340-1420Paper 1: Structural change, urban bias
and the political economy of rural land
policy in China
Presenter: Wei Xiao
(Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)
Discussant: Shun Wang / Kazi Iqbal
Capital Flows to Developing Countries:
A View from Trade
Presenter: Paolo Epifani (University of Nottingham)

Discussant: Chrysostomos Tabakis / Chuantao Cui

1420-1500Paper 2: The Well-being Impact of Pension
Expansion in Rural China
Presenter: Shun Wang
(KDI School of Public Policy and Management)
Discussant: Wei Xiao / Quanyun Shong
Paper 2: Preferential Trade Agreements
and Antidumping Protection

Presenter: Chrysostomos Tabakis

(KDI School of Public Policy and Management)
Discussant: Nimesh Salike / Peter Morgan

1500-1520Open floor Q&AOpen floor Q&A
1520-1535Coffee BreakLunch Break

SESSION IVADBI Session: Infrastructure (room: BS574)
Chairperson: TBD
1535-1615Paper 1: Road Infrastructure, Market Integration, and
Productivity: Evidence from China’s Manufacturing Sector
Presenter: Xun Zhang (Beijing Normal University)
Discussant: Zou Wei / Yang Chen
1615-1655Paper 2: High-speed Railways, Market Access and Economic Growth
Presenter: Zou Wei (Wuhan University)
Discussant: Xun Zhang / Yan Li
1655-1715Open floor Q&A

Day 2:
May 12, 2018, Saturday

SESSION VInfrastructure (room: BS341)
Chairperson: Wei Xiao
Innovation in China (room: BS343)
Chairperson: Shun Wang
1000-1040Paper 1: High-speed rail and inventory reduction:
Firm-level evidence from China
Presenter: Chuantao Cui (Sichuan University)
Discussant: Yan Li / Zou Wei
Paper 1: Institutions and Innovation: Evidence from
Chinese Cities

Presenter: Yang Chen
Discussant: Anthony Howell / Chrysostomos Tabakis

1040-1120Paper 2: Static vs. Dynamic effects of regulatory
reform on the efficiency of mobile telecommunications firms
Presenter: Yan Li (University of Liverpool)
Discussant: Chuantao Cui / Angela Lyons
Paper 2: Industry Relatedness, FDI Liberalization
and the Indigenous Innovation Process in China
Presenter: Anthony Howell (University of Pekin)

Discussant: Yang Chen / Paolo Epifani

1120-1140Open floor Q&AOpen floor Q&A
1140-1310Lunch BreakLunch Break

SESSION VIADBI Session: Financial inclusion (room: BS574), Chairperson: Peter Morgan, ADBI
1310-1350Paper 1: Regional Variations of Banking Services and Poverty Reduction: Evidence
from Sub-district Level Administrative Data of Bangladesh
Presenter: Kazi Iqbal (Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies)
Discussant: Quanyun Song / Wei Xiao
1350-1430Paper 2: Quantile Regression Analysis of the Impacts of Financial Literacy
and Digital Finance Across the Wealth Distribution in China
Presenter: Quanyun Song (Southwestern University of Economics and Finance)
Discussant: Kazi Iqbal / Shun Wang
1430-1450Open floor Q&A
1450-1500Concluding Remarks and Vote of Thanks

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