Postgraduate Research Development Programme

Academic Enhancement Centre

The Postgraduate Research Development Programme (Doctoral Skills Training) helps postgraduate research students at XJTLU enhance their skills, and improve their research experience and career prospects.

There are two key components to the programme: personal and professional development, which involves general doctoral skills training, and core training, which involves discipline-specific training.

The programme:

  • Ensures that newly-admitted students understand their role in the XJTLU research environment
  • Provides a solid understanding of research skills, including scientific writing and presentation and research ethics, as well as teacher training and experience
  • Ensures XJTLU students have met University of Liverpool graduation requirements related to skills training
  • Supports the development of professional skills and knowledge in crucial areas, such as project management, innovation and creativity
  • Provides students with awareness of the Chinese employment market for researchers, and where possible, of international employment opportunities
  • Enables students to take a strategic and reflective approach to their training needs.

For more information on the programme contact Jianmei Xie on [email protected].