International Conference on Water Ecological Civilisation and Green Livable Characteristic Town Development


The International Conference on Water Ecological Civilization and Green Livable Characteristic Town Development will be held in Suzhou on October 27th and 29th, 2017.

It is jointly organised by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Soochow University and Suzhou University of Science and Technology, and it is expected to be included in one of the World City Day events. International and national distinguished experts and scholars will be gathering together in the beautiful Wujiang Taihu New City in Yangtze River Delta and initiate communication, dialogues and discussions.

The main themes of the conference are Water Ecological Civilisation and Green Livable Characteristic Town Development, with a focus on the contents of water pollution control, black and odorous water treatment, river bank repair, wetland restoration, sponge city construction, water ecological system protection, green buildings, intelligent transportation, innovative social management, industrial development and other related topics. It is expected to bring innovative ideas to improve the construction and development of worldwide ecological civilization and to benefit the internationalization of Wujiang Taihu New City.

Therefore, the organizing committee would like to invite participants in all areas including professionals, governmental officers, teachers and students, and relevant peers from the industry and business to join this high-profile event. (Updating of the conference will be posted through the official WeChat account.)


  • 1. Water ecological civilization and aquatic environment management
    • A. Water ecological civilization construction and living environment improvement
    • B. Water pollution control, black and odorous river management and water ecosystems restoration
    • C. Water ecosystem restoration theory and technology
  • 2. Sponge city and ecological city construction
    • A. Sponge city construction achievements and case studies
    • B. Ecological and environmental problems in sponge city planning and design
    • C. Sponge city construction and sustainable development
  • 3. Green livable towns and ecological planning and construction
    • A. Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) and sustainable characteristic town construction
    • B. Green livable characteristic town construction and industrial sustainable development
    • C. Green buildings and smart cities: Theory and practices in sustainable development
    • D. Ecological landscape planning and agricultural tourism complex
  • 4. Sustainable urban and rural development and characteristic town development
    • A. Green livable city development and opportunities
    • B. Challenges and future directions of characteristic town developmentC. Integration of livable, industry-suitable and to
    • urism-friendly city


Relevant department leaders in charge of Urban and Rural Construction, Municipal Administration, Water Utilities, Environmental Protection, Urban Planning; Relevant personnel from Water Conservancy Institute, Environmental Science Research Institute, Urban and Rural Planning Institute, Design Institute, Colleges and Universities, and Environmental Protection Company; Experts and scholars, business leaders and technical personnel who dedicate to water ecological civilization, water environment governance, urban construction internationalization, characteristic town construction and so on.


  • Early registration fee for all participants is RMB1500 per person before October 10th 2017.
  • Regular registration fee of RMB1800 per person is in effect after October 10th, 2017.
  • Registration fee for students is RMB500 with a proof of valid studentship. Accommodation cost is not included in the registration fee, but can be arranged per request.