Diploma in China Studies

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Students from other universities in any discipline but particularly in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in China Studies are welcome to come and spend a semester or year of China study at XJTLU in the Department.

Students on the Diploma in China Studies programme credit their XJTLU China Studies study back to their home university degree programme, though those who enrol for a year of study at XJTLU will also be eligible to receive the XJTLU Diploma in China Studies.

Students enrolling on the Diploma in China Studies programme typically take four modules in each semester, at the direction of their home university, of which at least one will be a Chinese language module, and three will be China studies. The eight modules over the academic year lead to the XJTLU Diploma in China Studies, awarded at the successful completion of the study year.

More information can be found in the XJTLU Diploma in China Studies programme brochure (PDF).

Student work

An example of one of our previous visiting students' work:

Found in Translation: Poetry and words (Shreya Patel)

About Suzhou

​Suzhou is the historic heartland of the Lower Yangtze Delta. Established in 514 BCE it is famous for its gardens, its canal system, its silk industry, and its bridges. Suzhou is probably the city most Chinese think of when they think of the concept of a city because it has been so written about in poetry and prose. The old city of Suzhou, surrounded by a moat, is now a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site. Suzhou Industrial Park is located to the east of the old city.


A list of available modules follows, but typically a student will select from the following modules for a year of study:

1. Chinese history
2. Chinese civilisation
3. Twentieth century China
4. Introduction to classical Chinese
5. Doing business in China
6. China: Society and development
7. Introduction to Chinese literature
8. China: Government and politics
9. Communications in China
10. Chinese language I
11. Chinese language II

Chinese language modules are open to all students as part of the Diploma in China Studies programme. Students take modules suited to their level of Chinese language ability, ranging from complete beginners to advanced learners. Teaching at XJTLU is in English.