Presessional English Summer Course (six weeks)

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This six-week course is taught by tutors in our Language Centre and helps students learn how to evaluate sources, read critically, give presentations, participate in discussions and write the longer research papers required of masters programmes.

Once you are accepted onto the presessional English course, you will not need to retake a language test. This means that you can concentrate on developing your postgraduate study skills.

The course runs for six weeks and is comprised of 150 hours of teaching and 75 hours of self-study.

Who should take a presessional English course?

If you meet the language requirements for this course shown below, you can change your XJTLU masters offer to “unconditional” for English level, by applying for a presessional. Students who meet the average score but miss the language score on one skill (reading, writing, speaking or listening) may also join.

  • Start date
  • Department Language Centre
  • Attendance Part time
  • Duration Six weeks
  • Prospectus No prospectus available



Entry requirements

English level requirements Programme
IELTS 6.0 (equivalent to 80 TOEFL, average score with no minimum in any skill) Media and Communication MSc
IELTS 5.5 (equivalent to 72 TOEFL, average score with no minimum in any skill) Applied Informatics MSc
Master of Architectural Design
Business Analytics MSc
Civil Engineering MSc
Economics MSc
Economics and Finance MSc
Finance MSc
Financial Computing MSc
Financial Mathematics MSc
Industrial Design MDes
International MBA
Investment Management MSc
Management MSc
MBA (China)
Operations and Supply Chain Management MSc
Professional Accounting MSc
Project Management MSc
Urban Design MSc
Urban Planning MSc
IELTS 5.0 (equivalent to 62 TOEFL, average score with no minimum in any skill) Advanced Chemical Sciences MRes
Computer Science MRes
Molecular Bioscience MRes
Multimedia Telecommunications MSc
Social Computing MSc
Sustainable Construction MSc
Sustainable Energy Technology MSc

The presessional course is a great way to begin your postgraduate studies and many students choose to enrol even if they have met the language requirements. We advise you to register early for this popular course.

Dr Stuart Perrin Director, Language Centre

How to apply

If you are not applying for an XJTLU masters programme

To apply for PSE as a separate course please email [email protected].

If you are also applying for an XJTLU masters programme

You do not need to apply separately for PSE, and should inform us of your interest on the masters application form. You can arrange to take a free placement exam by emailing [email protected] and we will organise a test on campus any Friday from May to July. The results will normally be back within two days.