Institute for Sustainable Materials and Environment

The research team consists of 13 academic staff with specialised expertise within the research scope.

  • Chee Song Chin, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Jun Xia, Lecturer, Civil Engineering
  • Theofanis Krevaikas, Lecturer, Civil Engineering
  • Ominda Nanayakkara, Lecturer, Civil Engineering
  • Kim Lau, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Yuiyao Wang, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Yi Lin, Lecturer, Chemistry
  • Li Yang, Lecturer, Chemistry
  • Graham Dawson, Lecturer, Chemistry
  • Mona Wells, Associate Professor, Environmental Science
  • Sujie Qin, Lecturer, Environmental Science
  • Zheng Chen, Lecturer, Environmental Science
  • Derrick Tate, Associate Professor, Industrial Design