Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced ​Development

Higher education is confronted with enormous challenges. Globalisation, the knowledge-based economy, the information technology revolution, sustainable development and many other trends are remodelling the forms and values of higher education.

The emergence of cyber universities and online courses is overturning the teaching approaches and resource advantages held by traditional universities. It is necessary and urgent for universities to rethink and adjust their own values, systems, functions and educational patterns in response to the challenges.

The Institute of Leadership and Educational Advanced Development aims to promote XJTLU’s explorations into new models of higher education and to expand the social influence of the University. It is co-founded by XJTLU and The National Academy of Education Administration.

“I invite scholars to collaborate with ILEAD to explore new models for universities in China and abroad, and propel forward the development of higher education around the world.”
Professor Youmin Xi, Founding Director, ILEAD, Executive President, XJTLU