Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced ​Development

The Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development aims to be a research-intensive institute and continues to strengthen its research agenda. We are particularly strong in the areas of exploring new models for higher education, indigenous studies and the internationalisation of higher education.

ILEAD has a number of broad research themes, including:

Higher education research in the new era

Exploring new models for higher education

ILEAD's emphasis is finding solutions to the problems and challenges faced by higher education in the new era. Based upon the explorations and practice of XJTLU, the Institute conducts academic research on higher education in terms of its nature and objectives, and on new universities from the perspectives of operation mechanism, institutional frameworks and management systems.

Studying higher education developments in China

The Institute probes the problems and challenges that exist for reform of Chinese higher education. Future direction and strategies for the reform will also be explored along with the abilities needed to implement strategies, especially those related to building a student-centred university system. ILEAD will propel and summarise a new model and practice for higher education reform, deepening the reform of universities, governments and society.

Exploring the student-centred education model and support system

The focus of research is the education objectives, teaching philosophy, teaching approaches, and facilities and supporting systems within a student-centered education model. ILEAD will summarise, generalise and theorise the student-centred university system based on the developing model and best practice of XJTLU.

Indigenous studies

Indigenous leadership studies

ILEAD focusses on the interactional relationships between institutions and organisations and leadership. Grounded theory and case studies will be used to depict distinctive interactive models of indigenous leadership and organisation in the context of unique systems. The major research subjects are:

  • The characteristics of the living environment of Chinese indigenous leaders
  • How indigenous leadership propels the reform at the level of organisation and organisation field
  • How indigenous leaders obtain resources, interact with institutions and explore the new configuration of future organisations
  • The role played by strategic leadership in pioneering organisations
  • The influence of an overseas background or cross-cultural experience on indigenous leadership
  • Happiness of indigenous leaders
  • The succession of indigenous leaders.

Education leadership studies

ILEAD pays special attention to the characteristics of the environment confronted by the Chinese indigenous education leadership. It focusses on the problems and dilemmas that occur when improving leadership in systematic education practice. The Institute carries out scientific research combining theories with practice and formulating new theoretic guidance for practice. It aims to promote the reform and transformation of higher education both at home in China and abroad.

Internationalisation of higher education

Studying theories concerning the internationalisation of higher education

ILEAD is in touch with the latest trends in the development of higher education internationalisation. The Institute studies laws and tendencies while also exploring new natures, content, approaches and supporting systems in the context of globalisation, the knowledge-based economy and the information technology revolution.

Summarising and rethinking the practice of higher education internationalisation

ILEAD generalises, summarises and shares the best domestic and overseas practice and experience regarding the internationalisation of higher education. The Institute will build models and promote them to higher education institutions both in China and abroad through hosting seminars and training courses.

Compiling suggestions on policies for the internationalisation of higher education

ILEAD will determine politically influential factors and provide policy guidance for institutional and organisational innovations for the internationalisation of higher education. The Institute will also offer policy suggestions on how to overcome institutional obstacles when accomplishing internationalisation.