Administrative Staff Training Programme

Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced ​Development

The Institute for Leadership and Education Advanced Development holds a professional training course for university administrative/professional services staff in order to improve the quality of administrative staff working in universities.


To help participants:

  • change to a student-centred approach
  • rethink university administration systems and the role of administrative staff
  • further improve their work efficiency and their coordination and communication within a team and with staff from across the institution
  • strengthen their proficiency and learn how to work with passion, initiative and creativity.Help participants redefine their roles in classroom teaching.


  • Defining the role of admin staff in universities
  • How to provide support and services to cultivate students: how to use a student-centred ideology in daily work
  • How to work in a flat and networked organisation
  • How to regulate and manage the behaviour of administrative staff
  • How to support international academic staff
  • How to work in a professional model
  • How to organise and coordinate big events.



This session will invite XJTLU administrative staff to give a presentation on how to support a student-centred system, introducing how XJTLU implements this system in terms of theory and practice.

Interactive discussion

This session will invite administrative staff from different departments to discuss with participants how to communicate and work efficiently.

Shadow plan

Participants will be allotted into different departments at XJTLU, according to their own positions, to observe the working style staff.

Campus tour

The tour will show how XJTLU’s physical space and facilities support students’ learning and growth.