Education Innovation Excellence Membership Programme

Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced ​Development

Thanks to the knowledge economy, globalisation, and the continuous innovation of information and network technologies higher education is in transition.

The Education Innovation Excellence Membership Programme provides a communication, learning and development platform to people working in the field of higher education.

It combines online and offline education to design comprehensive and individualised development programmes for educational institutions and individuals. This includes enhancing the professional development of educators through lifelong career development systems in order motivate them and help set clearer targets at work.

The programme supports higher education practitioners to:

  • manage problems and challenges they encounter in promoting educational reform
  • solve problems and overcome challenges
  • communicate and share their opinions with peers from different organisations and regions on the key issues of reform and development through thematic seminars and annual events.

Membership is of relevance to different types of educators, such as administrators, teachers and administrative staff.

Membership types

Individual membership

Who: Senior managers, teachers, teaching supporters, executives, experts, scholars and academic staff who are in or interested in higher education.

Benefits: Access worldwide information related to education, members contact list, online learning materials, members-only events and discounts for ILEAD open courses.

Organisational membership

Who: Institutions and their related departments and executive functions, such as teaching enhancement centres, student affairs offices, cooperation or communications offices.

Benefits: Customised services including field trips, development plans, tracking and feedback, organisational member contact and discounts for ILEAD open course.

How to join

Follow the official ILEAD WeChat account on XJTLU_ILEAD.

Please complete your registration by completing the ILEAD Membership Application Form.


For information on personal membership contact Xin Li on [email protected] or +86 (0) 512 8816 1918.

For information on organisational membership contact Junzhe Guan on [email protected] or +86 (0) 512 8816 1211.