Leadership Excellence Programme

Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced ​Development

The Leadership Excellence Programme aims to enhance leadership skills through a variety of training approaches, helping organisations to forge an efficient management team to lead on education reforms and promote profound reform in higher education nationwide in China.

Since 2009, the Programme has been delivered to 100 senior management leaders from over 70 education institutions across China. The programme has been spoken highly of by attendees and has attract the attention of higher education explorers both in and abroad.


  • Discuss trends in and strategy for higher education reform across the world, especially in China, thereby promoting the reform and development of higher education in China and the world
  • Help partners equip their middle and senior leadership teams with the capabilities to manage reform, change leadership and lead educational reform and development
  • Further improve the proficiency and capabilities of university leaders and managers by helping them develop their universities with an international perspective
  • Help partners establish a student-centred education model and improve the quality of their education upon the practices of XJTLU.

Training approaches

Discussion and interaction: The programme maximises opportunities for participants to discuss their own situations and raise own concerns.

Teamwork: The training helps participants learn how to manage and enhance leadership reform from the perspective of a team and gain experience in leading a whole institution to accomplish reform.

Case studies: The programme invites universities including XJTLU to demonstrate their practice as case studies.

Field trips: Participants are able to take a tour of XJTLU to combine theories with practice.

Long-term cooperation: All participants are encouraged to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with ILEAD.


University Idea

This module aims to encourage people to rethink the role of universities and education by sharing the best practice at XJTLU. Professor Youmin Xi shares his opinions on this issue from three perspectives: the redefinition of universities, reflection on education and the reform of learning and teaching style.

University Leadership

How should universities be led? What is the role of leaders in university development? What kinds of skills are crucial for university leaders? This module aims to discuss these questions and share ideas from renowned university leaders.

Change Management

Why do universities have to make change? What changes should be implemented? How can the change process be managed? This module aims to discuss these questions and share idea of renowned university leaders.