Teaching Staff Training Programme

Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced ​Development

The Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development hosts a Teaching Staff Training Course that draws upon the experience accumulated by XJTLU. The course concentrates on intensifying the cognitions teaching staff hold towards how to restructure their own roles and change their teaching ideology. Participants are trained to improve their capabilities to facilitate the learning process with advanced teaching techniques.

The course relies on XJTLU’s internationalised teaching staff and teaching support systems. It employs the University's advanced teaching philosophy and models, along with an internet-based learning environment and excellent teaching resources.


  • Help participants redefine their roles in classroom teaching
  • Help participants change from a teacher-centred to a student-centred approach
  • Improve participants' abilities in course designing, interactive teaching, network teaching and process evaluation with the concept of student-centred teaching.


  • Framework and content of the student-centred system at XJTLU
  • The constructivism philosophy of a student-centred system
  • The role of teacher and student in a student-centred system
  • Transformation from a teacher-centred system to a student-centred system
  • Course designing in a student-centred system
  • Interactive teaching in a student-centred system
  • Network and digital technology in a student-centred teaching
  • Learning outcomes evaluation in a student-centred system
  • The support system in a student-centred system: the case of XJTLU
  • How to apply a student-centred in practice.


Curriculum Design

This module aims to discuss how to design curriculum for courses by analysing the impact of the digital teaching environment and relevant policy on curriculum design.

Interactive Teaching Schemes

This module aims to discuss how to attract students’ attention in class and how to maintain interaction with students in and out of class and share ideas from experienced university teaching staff.

Student-Centred Assessment

This module aims to discuss whether exams are the only way to assess learning outcomes and what other approaches can effectively assess teaching.