Research Institute for Economic Integration

The key goal of the Research Institute for Economic Integration is to provide an interdisciplinary research platform to bring together scholars, business community and policy makers to understand, debate and solve the practical problems related to economic integration through trade, finance, investment, labour migration as well as technology and knowledge dissemination within China, the Asia Pacific region and across other countries engaged in economic integration.

Research objectives:

  • Promote regional research on economic integration that focusses on cross-country or country-specific studies, with a prime focus in the Asia Pacific region
  • Create a network of researchers in the region with similar interests to share knowledge on economic integration
  • Establish a platform for young researchers.

Research themes:

  • Understand the process of economic integration, within domestic Chinese markets and the integration between China and the rest of the world
  • Relate economic integration with economic and social development with a prime focus on China and the Asia Pacific region
  • Understand the public policy consequences of economic integration
  • Understand the East Asian developmental states: their past experiences, challenges and future.