Working papers

Research Institute for Economic Integration

Agglomeration and Technological Spillovers: Firm-Level Evidence from China's Electric Apparatus Industry
Ming He, Yang Chen, Ron Schramm
February 2016

Product Space and the Development of Nations: A Model of Product Diversification
Benoit Desmarchelier, Paulo José Regis and Nimesh Salike
January 2016

LTV policy as a macroprudential tool: The case of residential mortgage loans in Asia
Peter J Morgan, Paulo José Regis and Nimesh Salike
March 2015

Heterogeneous Economic Impacts of Transportation Features on Prefecture-Level Chinese Cities
Bismark R.D.K. Agbelie, Yang Chen, Nimesh Salike
February 2015

Access to Credit and Investment Decisions of SMEs in China: size matters
Paulo José Regis
January 2015

Dynamic fiscal competition with public infrastructure investment: Austerity and attracting capital inflow
Weihong Huang, Yang Chen, Simon Ruskin
March 2014

Policy Effect on Structural Change: A Case of Chinese Intermediate Goods Trade
Yanghua Huang, Nimesh Salike, Feiteng Zhong
February 2014

Strategic interaction in corporate tax among Chinese local governments
Yang Chen and Paulo José Regis
January 2014