External collaboration

Research Institute of Big Data Analytics

A major advantage of the Research Institute of Big Data Analytics is its potential to promote both intra-university collaboration and inter-university-industry-government cooperation. RIBDA could realise potential synergy gains arising from exploiting the strengths in terms of both teaching and research at department, school, and university levels.

IBM acts as a lynchpin between XJTLU and its external industry-level partners in Suzhou Industrial Park. The strong profile of IBM and its close working relationships with top local and regional universities offers Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and SIP the possibility of accessing research resources and expertise. Such collaboration in turn promotes XJTLU and SIP’s brand, increase its visibility to educational partners, and facilitates further joint teaching and research programmes with leading business schools, universities and companies. This collaboration will establish a stronger foundation for XJTLU to make a meaningful contribution to both the SIP’s vision and meeting the long-term objectives of the wider community of external stakeholders in the area of big data.