Research Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

An important feature of the Research Institute of Biorpharmaceutical Sciences is its multi-disciplinary teams, consisting of core members, industrial researchers and invited international researchers, which accelerate progress and facilitate innovation and knowledge exchange.

Scope and significance

The global market for biopharmaceuticals was estimated at USD 200 billion in 2013 and currently more than 10,000 therapeutics are under development. The market is already the fastest growing sector of the pharmaceutical industry and has been predicted to reach USD 497.9 billion by 2020, according to ‘Industry Experts 2013. Biopharmaceuticals – A Global Market Overview’.

Suzhou is well-placed to be a centre of excellence in biopharmaceuticals, not least because a significant number of the 400 biotechnology companies in BioBay are working in this sector. Further, several of these companies already have fruitful collaborations with researchers at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

The RIBS has several core research activities, including:

  • The discovery or design and engineering of novel biopharmaceuticals directed against key diseases. Given the interests of existing staff, areas of interest include cancer, neurological disorders, gynaecological conditions and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis. Bioinformatic data-mining of the human genome is likely to yield novel candidate biopharmaceutics for some time to come. Additionally, existing biopharmaceuticals can be put together in different combinations to create drugs with new therapeutic properties
  • Develop better strategies to isolate biopharmaceuticals and to assess their purity
  • The RIBS also aims to carry out detailed investigations of the mode of action of novel therapeutics.