Mission and vision

Research Institute of Urbanisation


The mission of the Research Institute of Urbanisation (RIU) focuses on three main areas:

  1. As an exchange platform between departments, the RIU facilitates different disciplines to interact to formulate advanced questions and develop innovative responses to emerging urban challenges
  2. As an interface between academic research and the world of practice and governance, the RIU applies to concrete projects XJTLU’s broad expertise in areas such as urban regeneration, heritage, environmental protection, sustainability, transportation, public health, urban and regional economics
  3. As a university research institute, the RIU plays a key role in setting-up and coordinating multidisciplinary teams for both local and international research projects.


The Research Institute of Urbanisation aims to help build a prosperous and sustainable future in China that manages the impact of environmental, economic, social and cultural change. Taking into consideration China’s recent 'National New-type Urbanisation Plan (2014-2020)', the RIU aims in particular to develop and test through pilot projects new people-centred and healthy urbanisation models, exploring the notions of local culture and sustainability.