Research Institute of Urbanisation

Huai’an Project

The XJTLU-Huai’an Research Institute of New-type Urbanisation has received funds from the Huai’an government for the period 2014 to 2017 to study the urban modernisation strategy of the Huai’an Economic and Technological Zone.

We are conducting research on implementing principles of sustainable urban development in Huai’an. Through the platform of the RIU, we integrate academic staff from different departments to undertake studies on theories, practice, and policies on the new model of urbanisation.

In December 2014, we completed two reports, “Research on Coordinated Development of Urbanisation, Industrialisation and Informationisation in Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone” and “Urban Development Policy Evaluation and Recommendations for Future Sustainable Development”. A group of architecture students also selected the area of the Grand Canal in Huai’an for their final year project.

We are also exploring how to apply the research achievements of the Departments of Industrial design, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering and Civil Engineering into practice and commercial production in the Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Wujiang Taihu New City Project

The Research Institute of Urbanisation has been involved in setting up a new institute, the XJTLU-Wujiang Taihu New City Research Institute, which received funding support from the Wujiang government. The new institute has eight research groups currently working on the following topics:

  • Environmental science and innovation
  • Social and community management
  • Data science research
  • Urban strategic planning and architecture design
  • Smart and green cities
  • Ageing society and the city
  • Sustainability and innovation
  • New-type ecological building materials.

The research groups’ goal is to experiment with economic, political, social and cultural approaches to the conservation culture, which has been highlighted by China’s top leadership as a priority for the modernisation of the country from various perspectives, including industrialisation, urbanisation, informationisation and greenisation.

Memorandum of Understanding RIU-WHITRAP

The Research Institute of Urbanisation and UNESCO-WHITRAP (World Heritage Institute for Training and Research for the Asia-Pacific Region) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2014 with the main objective of studying the implementation of the UNESCO concept of Historic Urban Landscape in China and, in particular, forms of private-public partnerships (PPPs) for sustainable heritage management.

Read more about this project.

Agreement of cooperation between RIU and EPFL

The Research Institute of Urbanisation and CODEV-EPFL (Cooperation and Development Centre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, Switzerland) agreed in October 2014 to conduct a study of sustainable development of intermediate cities in China. The main aim of the story is to conduct joint research on sustainable forms of governance for emerging urban formations in China, utilising the city of Huai’an as a case study.