Research Institute on Ageing and Society

The Research Institute on Ageing and Society is an open platform and catalyst for cross-disciplinary research on implications of population ageing. Initial research priorities include but are not limited to the following:


  • Business responses to population ageing (marketing/HR/CSR strategies)
  • ‘Silver’ industry development
  • Consumer behaviour/ workplace behaviour of older people


  • Perceptions and representations of ageing and older people
  • Quality-of-life of older people
  • Economic growth and sustainability in ageing societies
  • Pensions and the retirement system


  • Creating sustainable/healthy ageing communities
  • Urbanisation and ageing


  • Adoption and usage of technologies by older people
  • Developing ‘gerontechnologies’ to support older people

RIAS engages the XJTLU community as well as external partners and stakeholders to generate, apply and disseminate knowledge on the implications of and responses to demographic change.

These activities establish RIAS as a knowledge hub and collaborative platform between university departments and schools and external partners and to act as a catalyst for co-creating a sustainable ageing society. Special emphasis will be placed on developing research projects in collaboration with Suzhou Municipality Government in general and in particular with the Wujiang Taihu Lake New City Administrative Committee and Suzhou Industrial Park government.