Research Institute on Ageing and Society

A selection of current research projects:

  • Adoption of e-services and quality-of-life among older consumers in China (XJTLU RDF -14-01-43)
  • The Integrated Design Strategies for Sustainable Evidence-based Healthcare Design (XJTLU RDF-11-01-05)
  • Large scale neighbourhood planning of landless farmers (surveyed 200 elderly) (XJTLU RDF 11-03-11)
  • Travel behaviour of landless farmers in SIP (surveyed 54 elderly) (XJTLU SURF 2014-085)
  • Response to the challenges of providing for the elderly in the aging society in China: Managing eldercare, changing life courses of the employees (NSFC)
  • Life status changes and consumption behaviour among older people in China (Chinese MoE)
  • Firms’ (Non)responses to Obvious, Apparently Important, but Uncontrollable Environmental Forces (e.g. ageing society) (XJTLU RDF)
  • Ageing and Innovation (Wujiang Taihu Lake New City Administrative Committee)
  • Innovations in Smart City design and living for the ageing: The Case Study of Wujiang (Wujiang Taihu Lake New City Administrative Committee)
  • Social Entrepreneurship at the Bottom of Pyramid in an Era of Ageing Society
  • Integrated approaches of digital healthcare and aged care
  • Socially Assistive Companion Robots for the Chinese Elderly
  • Wage Subsidies and the Labour Supply of Older People
  • Institutional change and leadership in the ageing society
  • Acceptance of non-prescription medicinal products and functional food by Suzhou’s elderly
  • How do the elderly in Suzhou make sense of nutrition labels?
  • Expectations of caregivers among the elderly in Suzhou
  • Managing community-based health care solutions