XJTLU is a game changer in the field of higher education in China.

Our students are the future entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, marketers, and executives of our increasingly globalised environment. We help them develop the skills, knowledge, abilities, temperament and tenacity to succeed in today's highly competitive and fast-changing world.

Our educational philosophy puts students at the centre of university life. Students are actively engaged in every aspect of the learning and teaching experience, working in teams, using the latest classroom technologies and benefitting from early research opportunities.

We are also committed to creating an internationalised educational environment through an internationalised curriculum, a diverse body of academic staff and an increasingly diverse student body. At XJTLU, students develop an international perspective, well-prepared to engage the people and the critical issues they encounter in work and in life.

Since 2013 XJTLU has been at the forefront of China's educational reform and, as our reputation expands, more and more institutions are looking to us for inspiration and guidance on how to evolve and develop their own unique pedagogy in China.

Through our Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development (ILEAD), we have begun to promote and share our unique model of international education with other universities all over China. ILEAD shares classical and advanced educational ideas, theories and important research findings to support the learning and teaching activities of universities around China, sharing both internal and external best practices.

Annual Conference for Higher Education Innovation 2016

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