Our deans provide academic leadership for research and graduate studies, International Business School Suzhou, and learning and teaching.


Chair Professor Chee Seong Chin

Dean of Learning and Teaching

Professor Chee Seong Chin, former head of the Department of Civil Engineering, is Dean of Learning and Teaching, supporting the University in the operational delivery of its academic strategy and the ongoing co-ordination of learning and teaching.

Professor Chin received his PhD degree in Civil Engineering in 2006 from Swansea University, UK, and has more than a decade's experience working in international higher education institutions. He is the founding director of the Institute for Sustainable Materials and Environment and founding Head of the XJTLU-Innostrux Centre for Advanced Fibre Reinforced Concrete Technology.

His primary research interests are materials and structural behaviour of fibre-reinforced cementitious composites as well as sustainable construction and building materials. Professor Chin has acquired over 15 million RMB of research grants, produced more than 70 research articles, patents and technical reports, supervised 15 PhD students for their dissertations and founded/directed 5 degree programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Doctor Fei Ma

Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

Dr Fei MA from the Department of Mathematical Sciences is dean for research and graduate studies, supporting the operational delivery of the academic strategy as it relates to research matters. He leads and implement strategies on research management, income, performance and output, and helps drive initiatives in research-led teaching. He is also responsible for the ongoing co-ordination, development and management of the Research Administration Office and Graduate School.

Dr Ma received his PhD degree in the area of Applied Math in 2008 from the Flinders University of Australia. Before joining XJTLU, he has been an Analyst of Symbion, Australia, Research associate and lecturer of Flinders University, and Software Engineer of Kingdee Co. Ltd in Shenzhen.

He joined XJTLU in 2012. His research interests include Medical and Biomedical Image Analysis, particularly on computer aided breast cancer diagnosis with mammogram, chromosome image analysis and ECG signal analysis; big data analysis; inventory forecasting; AGV scheduling and routing; and Nonnegative matrices.

Professor Hossam Ismail

Interim Dean of International Business School Suzhou (IBSS)

Professor Hossam Ismail is currently the interim dean of the International Business School Suzhou (IBSS), head of the management division and director of research at IBSS. He joined IBSS in 2014 as professor of operations management.

He obtained his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK, in 1984. He has over thirty years of experience in higher education carrying out various academic and administrative roles in both Engineering and Management Schools, at the universities of Birmingham, Dundee and Liverpool.

Before joining IBSS, he was an associate professor at the University of Liverpool Management School and for thirteen years the director of the Agility and Supply Chain Management centre which is a research and business support centre based at the University of Liverpool. The centre attracted over £5 million in both regional, national and European funding and has engaged with over 150 companies over this period.

His research interests include developing operational and strategic agility in organisations and the application of simulation and modelling tools for process optimisation. He has publications in international journals and conferences in the areas of manufacturing engineering, manufacturing informatics, operations and supply chain management and strategy.

In IBSS, he founded the Operations and Supply Chain Management MSc programme and the Operations and the Supply Chain Excellence Research Institute (OSCE). The institute is currently involved in critical projects funded by Suzhou Industrial Park aimed at developing optimisation tool for supply chain and logistics operations.

Professor Stuart Perrin

Dean of International Affairs

Professor Stuart Perrin, former dean for learning and teaching as well as former director of the XJTLU Language Centre, is the University’s first dean for international affairs. In this role, drawing on his experience in academia, recruitment and marketing, Professor Perrin looks at steps XJTLU needs to take to become a ‘truly international university’ and will be developing a number of initiatives and policies in this respect across all areas of the university.

Prior to working at XJTLU, Professor Perrin worked at Queen Mary University of London, as well as other London educational institutions, including private educational providers.