Benefits and compensation

We provide staff with a wide array of benefits including a competitive salary, accommodation allowance, flight reimbursement, generous paid vacations and national holidays, and private health insurance.

  • Generous financial remuneration: a competitive salary, housing allowance, flight and relocation reimbursement, generous paid leave and national holidays, and private health insurance, based on individuals' employment contracts
  • Relocation: accommodation assistance (both on- and off- campus), Human Resources office with long experience in obtaining visas and work permits.
  • Training and development: support for professional development including the opportunity to study for the University of Liverpool-accredited Certificate in Professional Studies in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.
  • Research funding: comprehensive Research Development Fund allocated by internal peer review, conference travel allowance, and support for external grant applications.


Monthly allowances for Chinese staff are intended to contribute to either rental costs of housing or as subsidy for personal travel, are treated as taxable and are based on individuals' employment contracts. If the commencement date of employment with the University is not the first day of a month, then a pro rata housing allowance will be calculated based on the actual employment days of that month, instead of being provided in full.

Expatriate staff receive a monthly housing allowance, which is intended to contribute to the rental costs of housing. A travel allowance that covers an individual employee for the cost of up to two return trips to their country of nationality per calendar year is also payable. This can include costs of transportation to and from the airport at both ends. The travel allowance is not intended to cover regular journeys, such as travel from an employee’s home to the University.