Pre-arrival support


We understand that considering moving to a new job in a different city or even country can be daunting. Throughout the application process, and your arrival at XJTLU, our Human Resources office will strive to provide you with a quality service and useful advice.

Email the Human Resources office if you have questions about any aspect of applying to work at XJTLU or coming to live in Suzhou.

We do hope you enjoy your life in the XJTLU family and that you find that your decision to work here was one of the best you ever made!

XJTLU Human Resources office

Visa and immigration support

If you are successful in gaining employment at XJTLU, and are a foreign national, our Human Resources office will help you acquire the necessary visa and apply for a work permit. We will work with you to let you know what documents are required at every step of the visa application process.

Expenses related to visa application will be covered by the University and you should all receipts in order to claim a reimbursement.

Health insurance

Expatriate staff will be provided with either AXA insurance, which provides benefits including coverage of inpatient and outpatient treatment and dental, as well as extended coverage to family members who live with a member of XJTLU academic staff in Suzhou, or coverage under the SIP Provident Fund, which includes additional accident and medical insurance. You can contact HR for more details on both of these insurance options.

Opening a bank account

Our Human Resources office will apply for a bank account on your behalf when you arrive into Suzhou. This normally takes two to three days after which you will receive a bank card that you can use immediately.

Staff at many branches of major banks in China speak excellent English and can help you with a range of banking-related issues such as exchanging money, cashing cheques, and applying for a credit card (although this can be difficult for foreign nationals).

Transferring money home

It is possible to transfer money in Chinese bank accounts to overseas accounts and the Human Resources office can provide advice and guidance on the process and the documentation needed.

Social welfare

Suzhou Industrial Park has developed the SIP Provident Fund system that is based on pre-payment accumulation and personal account deposit.

This system covers social security items such as pension, medical care, unemployment, employment injury, birth and maternity, and housing. Please contact HR for more information.