Dear Students

The purpose of this guideline is to update you on the new method to obtain JW202/DQ forms, our new way of sending the Admission Notice to you, and documents for visa application, and so on.

1. JW202/DQ Forms

The Ministry of Education has introduced a new system for universities to apply for JW202/DQ forms for international students.

A JW202 form (Visa Application for Study in China) is for students whose study programme in a Chinese university is longer than 180 days, while a DQ form is for students who will study in a Chinese institution for between 30 and 180 days. The full name of the DQ form is the Short-Term International Student’s Information Form, which is subject only to the university’s approval.

In XJTLU’s case, JW202 Forms will be issued to students who are admitted into the full-time UG, master’s, PhD programmes, and one-year visiting or exchange programmes. DQ Forms will be issued to students who are enrolled on non-degree Chinese language, and visiting and exchange programmes for one semester only.

This new method to obtain the JW202/DQ Forms only applies to students whose payment of deposit is confirmed after 30th June 2023. X-Global has used the old system to apply for the JW202 Forms for students whose payment of deposit is confirmed before 30th June 2023. As an outcome, these students whose payment of deposit was confirmed before 30th June 2023 will receive hard copies of JW202 Forms for their visa application in the Chinese embassy/consulate.

2. Download and Verification of JW202/DQ Forms

After your application is approved by the authorities or the university in the system, international students will receive an email from the system asking you to download a copy of your JW202/DQ form, and to verify it on the Study in China website. Make sure to check that your email from Study in China has not gone into your junk or spam folders of your email system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must complete these steps on a computer (laptop or desktop) because the software is not compatible with smartphone or tablet devices.

Here are the links:

1)JW202/DQ form download:


  • When helping you apply for JW202/DQ Forms, the university will the use email addresses that you used for your application to the university. You must use the same email address to download your JW202/DQ form. If you use a different email address for your application, it won’t be recognised and you won’t be able to download the JW202/DQ form.
  • As the screenshot below shows, you can only download JW202/DQ forms a maximum of 10 times.

2)JW202/DQ form verification:

Note: Your verification certificate can be downloaded after the verification process is completed. This step is verifying that the information you have submitted is genuine.

3. Admission Notice:

Original Admission Notices are still required when applying for X visas at your local Chinese Embassy or Visa Center, so the university will continue to send the hard copy to you when it is made by the Admissions Team in X-Global or the Graduate School. We will courier the document to you right after it is printed and stamped.

For more information about the Admission Notice, please don’t hesitate to contact the PG Admissions Team in the Graduate School or the UG Admissions Team in X-Global. Their email addresses are and

4. Visa Application:

Foreign students who will be studying in China or participating in exchange programmes must apply for a visa through their local Chinese Embassy, Consulate or VISA Center. The visa types are as follows:

X1 Visa: long-term study (more than 180 days)

X2 Visa: short-term study (no more than 180 days)

F Visa: for those who go to China to engage in exchange, visit, study and other activities (for example, visiting scholars coming for a few weeks)

L Visa: Traveling to China on holiday or participating in short summer or winter schools

Please make sure to apply for a study visa (X visa) for study in China. The X1 visa is a long-term convertible visa and must be converted into a Residence Permit within 30 days of entering China. The X2 visa is a short-term non-convertible visa. A holder of an X2 visa is only allowed to enter China once and stay in China for 180 days at most. Therefore, if you will study in China for more than 180 days, you need to apply for an X1 visa (and then a Residence Permit after arrival); if you will be in China for fewer than 180 days, you need to apply for an X2 visa.

The following materials are needed when applying for an X visa:

  1. Basic Documents
  • Passport

An original passport with at least six months of validity remaining and blank visa pages, and a photocopy of the passport”s information page and the photo page if it is separate.

  • Visa Application Form and Photo

One completed Visa Application Form with a recently-taken colour passport photo (bare-head, full face) against a light background attached.

  • Proof of legal stay or residence status (applicable to those not applying for the visa in their country of citizenship)

If you are not applying for the visa in the country of your citizenship, you must provide the original and photocopy of your valid certificates or visa of stay, residence, employment or student status, or other valid certificates of legal stay provided by the relevant authorities of the country where you are currently staying and from where you are applying for the China visa.

  1. Supporting Documents

    X1 Visa Application

  • Original and photocopy of the Admission Letter issued by the university
  • Photocopy of JW202 form (Visa Application for Study in China)

The Admissions Team will post the original Admission Notice to you as soon as it is ready. When you retrieve your passport and visa, please make sure the embassy/consulate returns your original Admission Notice, which is an important document that you have to submit to the Exit and Entry Bureau when applying for a Residence Permit after arriving in China.

X2 Visa Application

  • Original and photocopy of the Admission Letter issued by the university
  • Photocopy of DQ Form


For more details, please visit the following website:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China:

China Consular Service:

Chinese Visa Application Service Center:

*An international student must hold a Study Visa (X visa). If a Tourist visa (L Visa) holder wants to convert it to a study visa after he/she enters the country, he/she may be required to leave and re-enter China. Therefore, this is not recommended.

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