Urban ecologies

Department of Architecture

To address the challenges of contemporary urban environments creative solutions are needed. This applies in particular to China, where cities currently face the challenges of enormous transformations at an unprecedented pace. Within this context, urban ecologies seeks to research the changing nature of the urbanising world; to link questions of human interactions within developing cities to the political, social and cultural and environmental discourse; to explore and critique the sustainability and liveability of contemporary urbanism.

Initiated by XJTLU Architecture, the urban ecologies research platform offers a unique opportunity for inter-disciplinary and comparative approaches that consider the design and the design processes of the built environment. Urban ecologies allows for existing paradigms to be questioned, and for radically new approaches to the study of cities and their environment that take into account scientific and technological research as well as research in sociology, art, design and aesthetics.

The urban ecologies research platform links the Department of Architecture to XJTLU’s Research Institute of Urbanisation, to the Research Institute for Sustainable Materials and Environment, as well as to other XJTLU departments, such as the Departments of Urban Planning and Design, Industrial Design, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, and China Studies.

Fields of interest and expertise pertaining to the area include:

  • urban regeneration
  • the nature of cities
  • critiques of sustainability
  • aesthetics of design
  • building science and climate change