Examples of ongoing research projects

Department of Biological Sciences
Year awarded Project name Principal investigator Funding body

The role of long non-coding RNA and RNA m6A methylation in host antiviral immunity (Joint with SISM)

Rong Rong

2018 Tumour-promoting roles of the chromatin-associated DEK oncogene in metastatic melanoma Ferdinand Kappes RDF 2017
2017 Studying gene regulation responses to coaggregation between oral bacteria using RNA-Seq and bioinformatics approaches Siew Woh Choo NSFC
2017 Construction of a Bioinformatics Platform for Precision Medicine (Collaborate with Sano Medical Laboratories, Inc) Jia Meng Sano Medical Laboratories, Inc
2017 Stress-triggered neuroinflammation in migraine Minyan Wang Joint PhD with ISIS
2017 Investigation of C7ORF26, an uncharacterised protein potentially involved in the regulation of gene transcription Theo Kantidakis RDF 2017
2016 Bioinformatics approaches for RNA methylation-related high-throughput sequencing data and RNA methylome regulatory network reconstruction Jia Meng NSFC
2016 Reconstruct Gene Regulatory Network at Epitranscriptomic Layer with Non-parametric Bayesian Approach Jia Meng Jiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2016 Unravel the synergic regulation among different types of RNA modification Jia Meng RDF 2016
2016 Migraine mechanism: Cortical Spreading Depression induces CGRP expression involving ROS and TRPA1 Minyan Wang RDF
2016 Biochemical and structural characterisation of microbial enzymes David Ruiz Carrillo RDF 2016
2016 Ligand-induced selective signalling of peptide GPCRs Zhiliang Lu PhD/PGR
2016 The discovery and identification of neoantigen from colorectal cancer for personalised immunotherapy Zhiliang Lu Joint PhD with ISIS
2014 Application of microbial source tracking to identify the fecal pollution in Taihu watershed across Tiaoxi River basin Sekar Raju Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2014 Methods for the differential analysis of RNA methylation sequencing data with small sample Jia Meng Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme

Regulation of T cell receptor (TCR) signaling by SUMOylation of immune adaptor SLP-76 in T cells

Hebin Liu

2014 Small sample based high-resolution differential analysis of RNA methylation sequencing data Jia Meng NSFC
2014 Molecular ecological study of trypanosomatid parasite infecting honey bee Tatsuhiko Kadowaki RDF 2014
2014 Investigation of Mechanisms of Motor Neuron Degeneration Jian Liu RDF 2014
2014 Unravel RNA methylome to identify key enzyme genes that directly lead to epitranscriptomic dys-regulation Jia Meng RDF 2014
2014 Characterisation of enzymes involved in the biogenesis of the mycobacterial cell envelope Boris Tefsen RDF 2014
2013 An investigation on the regulation of T cell activation by SUMOylation of immune adaptor SLP-76 Hebin Liu Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2013 Molecular mechanisms of ligand-induced selective signalling at the gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor Zhiliang Lu NSFC
2013 Characterisation of Simian Type D Retroviruses (SRV/D) from Monkeys in Chinese Breeding Colonies and Investigation of the Effects of SRV/D Infection on the autophagic pathway in infected cells Rong Rong PGRS
2013 Charaterisation of Simian Type D Retroviruses from Monkeys in Chinese Breeding Farms Rong Rong Jiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2013 Microbial diversity-ecosystem function in canals across a gradient of urban intensification in Suzhou, China Sekar Raju RGRS
2013 Investigation into pathogenesis of neurological diseases and identification of

drug target and drug discovery

Minyan Wang External charitable fund
2013 Identification of novel kisspeptin/GPR54-interacting proteins and their biological functions Zhiliang Lu PGRS

An investigation into the role of SUMOylation pathway in T-cell signalling

Hebin Lu PGRS
2012 Application of Microbial Source Tracking Techniques to Identify the Fecal Pollution into Taihu Lake, China Sekar Raju PGRS
2012 NR2A-containing receptor signalling in cortical spreading depression Minyan Wang PGRS
2012 Designing Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases (TIMPs) for Specific Inhibition against Membrane-Type1 Matrix Metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) Involved in Cancer Metastasis Meng Huee Lee NSFC
2011 Identification of major pathogens and parasites causing honey bee diseases and development of their control methods (collaboration) Tatsuhiko Kadowaki Yamada Research Grant
2011 Global identification of protease substrates by terminus proteomics David O’Connor PGRS