Examples of ongoing research projects

Department of Civil Engineering
Year awardedProject namePrincipal investigatorFunding body
2015Effects of Permeability Properties of the Repair Material on the Formation of Macro-cell Corrosion in Repaired Concrete MembersOminda NanayakkaraNSFC (International Young Scientists Fund)
2015Composite deck system made of ultra-high performance concrete and high strength steelJun XiaJiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2015Evaluation of TLS-derived DEM accuracy for point cloud density reductionLei FanRDF 2015 Round 1
2014An assessment of the brittleness of time stiffening/strengthening geotechnical materialsStephen WilkinsonRDF 2014 Round 1
2014Precast deck panel made of sustainable reactive powder concreteJun XiaRDF 2014 Round 2
2013Stimulated microbial activity for sustainable geotechnical remediation of unlined/uncontrolled municipal solid waste disposal sitesStephen WilkinsonRDF 2013 Round 1
2013Impact of wind turbulence induced pressure fluctuations on subsurface-to-atmosphere gas exchange (TURBUGAS)Tjalfe PoulsenRDF 2013 Round 2

PGRS 2013 Round 2

2013Fe-Based Catalyst for Pyrolysis Oil UpgradingKonstantinos PapadikisRDF 2013 Round 3
2013Agricultural Straw Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Potential Industrial Ground-Floor Slab ApplicationChee Seong ChinRDF 2013 Round 3
2013Fibre distribution characterization and its impact on mechanical properties of fibre reinforced concreteJun XiaRDF 2013 Round 3
2013Lifecycle Evaluation of Building Sustainability using BIM and RTLSCheng ZhangPGRS 2013 Round 2
2013Patch Repair of Concrete Members due to Chloride Induced Reinforcement CorrosionOminda NanayakkaraPGRS 2013 Round 2
2012Engineered Structural Fibres as Replacement for Traditional Reinforcements for ConcreteChee Seong ChinPGRS 2012 Round 1
2012Effective Patch Repair of Concrete Members due to Reinforcement CorrosionOminda NanayakkaraRDF 2012 Round 3
2012Confined masonry structures with the use of Textile Reinforced Mortars (TRM)Theofanis KrevaikasRDF 2012 Round 3