Teaching assistant

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Applications are invited for teaching assistant (TA) positions in the Department of of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU). The TA positions in CSSE are open for all qualified interested graduate students (Masters and doctoral students) on campus of XJTLU or other graduates in Suzhou. Applicants are required to provide their CVs and academic transcripts of previous studies. A high sense of responsibility is essential for this post. All applications will be considered by the recruiting panel which consists of two or more academic staffs in the Department.

TA duties include:

XJTLU postgraduate research (PGR) students

  1. Laboratory demonstration and support for practical work in the classroom
  2. Attendance on and support with field courses
  3. One-to-one or group tutoring
  4. Language teaching
  5. Delivery of occasional formal lectures within their area of expertise after having received appropriate training and initial supervision from their supervisor or the respective Module Leader. Such training might be provided by individual departments, the relevant cluster or the Education Development Unit (EDU). Relevant health and safety issues should be covered in this training
  6. Marking of formative assignments with appropriate training
  7. Marking of summative assessments with appropriate training. PGR students must never act as the sole examiner on any summative assessment; any work that has been marked by a PGR student MUST be included in the sample provided for internal and external moderation.

XJTLU Master's students and Graduate students (postgraduate research and masters) from other universities

  1. Tutoring or lab demonstration
  2. Scheduled office hours for one-to-one tutoring
  3. Assistance in marking of formative assignments, reports, quizzes, etc. with appropriate training and guidance. For marking of any assessment that contributes to the final module mark, the Teaching Assistant may only perform mechanical marking tasks as supervised by the Module Examiner, not marking tasks that involve academic judgment.

Modules include:

  • CSE002 Professional Skills and Emerging Topics in Computer Science
  • CSE102 Algorithmic Foundations and Problem Solving
  • CSE103 Introduction to Databases
  • CSE104 Data Structures
  • CSE108 Operating Systems Concepts
  • CSE202 Artificial Intelligence
  • CSE204 Complexity of Algorithms
  • CSE208 Software Group Project
  • CSE210 Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
  • CSE212 Java Programming for Financial Mathematics
  • CSE304 Multi-Agent Systems
  • CSE306 Software Engineering II
  • CSE308 Technologies for e-Commerce
  • CSE310 Principles of Computer Games Design
  • CSE316 Computer System Security
  • CSE406 Software Architectures
  • CSE411 Social Web Programming
  • CSE413 Social Network Analysis
  • CSE414 Data Mining and Machine Learning

Pay rate

  • XJTLU doctoral students RMB 50/hour (after tax)
  • XJTLU Master’s students RMB 40/hour (after tax)
  • Graduate students from other universities RMB 40/hour (after tax)

How to apply

Applicants should submit their application to [email protected]by 12 February 2019. The interview is expected to be arranged shortly after the deadline with decisions made within 2 weeks after the interview.