Examples of ongoing research projects

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Year awardedProject namePrincipal investigatorFunding body
2015DASH-based Interactive 3-D Video System ModelingJimin XiaoNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2015Rational Orthogonal Wavelet Theory Applied to Multipath Resolving and Underwater Acoustic NetworkingLimin YuNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2015Research on the Converter Topology and Optimization of Coordinated Control for DC Microgrid with Energy Storage DevicesHuiqing WenState Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy Sources (NCEPU)
2015Topology of AC miorogriol and coordinated controlHuiqing Wen

State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment (XJTU)

2015Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP for Multi-view Video Using Multiple ServersJimin XiaoJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2015Virtual Infrastructure supported D2D Communications coexisted with Cellular Networks: A Software-Defined Network Solutions and ImplementationsSiyi WangJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2015The platform improvement on Suzhou Municipal Key Lab (New Energy and Environmental Protection Technique): new solar cells and Li batteries based on grapheneCezhou Zhao, Li Yang
2014Analysis of Energy Deadband and Operating Modes in the Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Multi-Phase-Shift ModulationHuiqing WenNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2014Cross-domain and Collective Pattern Classification Theory and ApplicationsKaizhu HuangNSFC (General Programme)
2014Large-scale and heterogeneous metric learning theory and applicationKaizhu Huang
2014Energy Management Strategies Optimisation For Urban Rail Transportation SystemShaofeng LuJiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2014Studying The Application of Electrical Energy Storage System In a Distribution System with Renewable Energy ResourcesShaofeng LuRDF 2014 Round 1
2014Network Traffic Control Schemes and Service Plans exploiting Excess Bandwidth in Shared Access NetworksKyeong Soo KimRDF 2014 Round 1
2014Molecular Information Carriers for Communications in Nano-Scale EnvironmentsSiyi WangRDF 2014 Round 1
2014GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT) for High Temperature ApplicationsCezhou ZhaoRDF 2014 Round 2
2014Research on Maximum-Power-Point-Tracking (MPPT) Techniques for Photovoltaic ApplicationsHuiqing WenRDF 2014 Round 2
2014Printed Passive Components: Design, Fabrication and Electrical MeasurementsSang LamRDF 2014 Round 2
2014Enhanced Positioning assisted Resource Allocation for Next Generation Wireless Communication NetworksEng Gee LimRDF 2014 Round 2
2014Real-time Closed-loop Brain StimulationSanghyuk LeeRDF 2014 Round 3
2014Risk Analysis of Wearable AntennaMark LeachRDF 2014 Round 3
2013Total ionizing dose effects in lanthanide doped HfO2 and ultrathin HfO2 gate dielectricsCezhou ZhaoNSFC (General Programme)
2013Characteristics of Wireless capsule endoscopy antennas in the human bodyEng Gee LimJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2013Invesitigation of the minimizaton strategies for DC-Link surge voltage of Electric Vehicle InvertersHuiqing WenJiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2013Ultrafine-resolution Wavelet Analysis for Target Detection with SonarLimin YuRDF 2013 Round 1
2013Collective Classification from Cross-domain DataKaizhu HuangRDF 2013 Round 3
2013QoS Evaluation for 3D Multi-View Video Transmission over Wireless and IP NetworksTammam TilloPGRS 2013 Round 1
2013Wearable antenna for Body area NetworkEng Gee limPGRS 2013 Round 2
2013Design and Optimization of an Inductive Coupled High Frequency Distributed Gate Driving System for Solid-State Fault Current Limiter in MicrogridHuiqing WenPGRS 2013 Round 2
2013Green Resource Allocation for Next Generation Wireless Communication NetworksEng Gee LimPGRS 2013 Round 3
2013Cross-domain and Collective Pattern Classification and Its ApplicationsKaizhu HuangPGRS 2013 Round 3
2013Robust Moving Object Detection by Exploiting Multiview HomographiesMing XuPGRS 2012 Round 2
2013Radiation hardened high-k devices and integrated circuitsCezhou ZhaoPGRS 2012 Round 3
2012Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm and its applications to wireless sensor networksYuhui ShiNSFC (General Programme)
2012The Coding and understanding Based on the Object and MacroCube of 3-D VideoTammam Tillo and Yao Zhao

(Beijing Jiaotong University)

NSFC Major International Collaborative Programme - Beijing Jiaotong University, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, University of Torino (Italy) and Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
2012Surface Plasmon Photonics for Enhancing the Conversion Efficiency in Current and Next Generation Solar CellsMoncef TayhiRDF 2012 Round 1
20123D video object segmentation and object recognitionTammam TilloPGRS 2011 Round 2