Department of English

The department's literature strand gives students the opportunity to study a wide range of literature in English, with modules focusing on literary form, literary theory, and literature in context, from the early modern period to the present.

Students gain insights into the ways in which literature in English has changed and grown through history, and have opportunities to undertake in-depth study in modules such as literature and gender, postmodern literature, Jane Austen and the Gothic.

Modules taught in this strand include:

  • Introduction to close reading: Approaches to literary study (ENG105)
  • Eighteenth century literature: Robinson Crusoe to Frankenstein (ENG207)
  • Advanced literature - British Romanticism (ENG311)
  • English literature in history (ENG106)
  • Literature and gender (ENG112)
  • Literary theory (ENG118)
  • World English literature (ENG212)
  • Jane Austen (ENG214)
  • Advanced literature - Approaches to modern poetry (ENG310)
  • The Gothic (ENG322)
  • Postmodern literature (ENG324).

Note: Information provided above is partial, changes to modules will be made according to programme development and teaching requirements.