Rediscovering the joy of learning English

Department of English

The department is committed to excellence in teaching. The delivery of our programmes adopts the teaching and learning strategies of the University of Liverpool and focuses on independent learning under tutor's guidance. The department's exclusive use of English as the medium of instruction, and of a 'British' teaching style, create a learning environment that enables students to adapt to western educational culture, and to become lifelong learners.

The department runs undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, which are open to arts and science applicants (through the Chinese domestic admissions system) as well as international applicants.

Students interested in a career in the areas of English, finance, communication, international business, or the media, study our programmes, while graduates pursue careers in sectors requiring a high level of English ability, and good knowledge of finance, international business, or communication and media skills.

After learning with us, students are equipped to go into such careers as translation and interpretation, multinational trade, business and administration, foreign-funded enterprises and financial institutions, or to work in journalism, broadcasting, advertising, or education.