Research areas

Department of English


Dr Paul Cheung

  • Language use in the biomedical sciences (e.g. nutrition)
  • Interpersonal communication in community settings (e.g. apartment compounds)
  • Discursive variations in social processes (e.g. policy implementation)
  • Development of geographical identities in China (e.g. as migrants).

Dr Steve Jeaco

  • Corpus linguistics
  • Academic writing
  • Second language acquisition
  • EAP.

Dr Tamas Kiss

  • Language pedagogy
  • Language teacher education
  • Complex dynamic systems and education
  • (Inter)cultural communication and language teaching materials
  • Creativity in language teaching/learning.

Dr Zhoulin Ruan

  • Academic writing
  • Second language acquisition
  • Systemic functional grammar
  • EAP/ESP.

Dr Hui Wang

  • Translation studies
  • Media translation
  • Corpus-based translation teaching.

Dr Rining Wei

  • Academic writing (with a particular focus on critical thinking and argumentation)
  • Bilingualism and bilingual education
  • Language policy.

Dr Yan Zhou

  • Second language academic writing
  • Second language creative writing
  • Second language motivation and identity.

Dr Hui Yin

  • Cognitive linguistics
  • English and Chinese comparative linguistics
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Syntax and semantics
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Language teaching and language acquisition.

Dr Penelope Scott

  • Old English language (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Conceptual metaphor theory
  • Cultural linguistics
  • Conceptions of health and sickness in Anglo-Saxon England.

Dr Peng Ding

  • Psycholinguistics
  • Learner motivation, teacher motivation and teacher enthusiasm in second language teaching and learning
  • English cultural studies and cross-cultural communication
  • EFL/ESL teacher education and development
  • Internationalisation of higher education at Chinese universities
  • Research methods including qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods.

Dr Songqing Li

  • Bilingualism in mass media and linguistic landscape
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • English as a global language
  • Language and globalisation
  • Language and ideology
  • Language and identity
  • Multimodality.


Dr Thomas Duggett

  • Romanticism (especially Wordsworth, Coleridge, Southey)
  • Gothic (especially Walpole, Radcliffe)
  • Victorian medievalism (especially Carlyle, Ruskin)
  • Modern poetry (especially Eliot, Auden, Larkin)
  • Theory and practice of scholarly editing.

Dr John Heaney

  • Modernist literature
  • Philosophy and literature
  • Irish literature.

Translation and interpreting studies

Dr Hui Wang

  • Translation studies
  • Media translation
  • Corpus-based translation teaching.

Qian Xia

  • Translation education
  • Interpreting training
  • Eco-translatology
  • Corpus in translation education.