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My research has related with Stream/River Ecology, Riparian Ecology, Community Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Impacts of Human Disturbance on Aquatic Ecosystems and Biodiversity, including Urbanization Impact and Air Pollution (PM2.5) Impact on aquatic ecosystems.

My research interests focus on ecological processes and mechanisms for understanding underlying patterns in stream ecosystems. My small-scale researches involve functional morphology, phenotypic plasticity, emergent impacts of multiple predators on prey, and consumer foraging-mode shift to study how habitat condition change influences these community properties. My large-scale researches work on stream ecology for understanding (1) the effects of trophic flows across riparian-aquatic habitats on consumer growth and benthic community assemblages, and (2) the watershed impacts of land use on stream physical structure, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. I am also interested in assessing the impacts of global environmental change on biodiversity and species conservation across multiple spatial scales.

Yixin Zhang
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    Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Science Building SB467

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