Department of Industrial Design

The Department of Industrial Design focusses on user-centred product and systems design for society in response to social, cultural, and technical context. We aim to educate a new generation of industrial and product designers who able to understand and participate in China's ongoing social, cultural, and economic transformation through achieving a balance of creative and technical knowledge and competencies.

Our programmes' educational emphases rests on the principles of new product development including aesthetic sensitivity, human-oriented responsibility, technological and engineering competence, user research as well as on social, cultural, and economic awareness, with a view to enabling people and communities to live desirable futures.

Growth in China will re-define patterns of consumption, production, and cultural appropriation domestically and globally for generations to come. As China-based companies shift to a designed-in-China strategy and international companies seek to design for the Chinese market, career opportunities for graduates of our programmes should be numerous. Students will be able to choose careers that are more artistically focused or technically focused, depending on their interest, or pursue advanced degrees in either area. Undergraduate students from the department will receive a BEng Industrial Design degree through a globally focused industrial design programme that draws on best practices and current trends.

"We invite prospective students and collaborators to join our efforts to create an international hub for cutting-edge design education, technology innovation and research."
Ewout van der Schaft, Head of Department