Industry, business and community

Department of Industrial Design

The Department of Industrial Design collaborates with industry to create new and innovative designs and technologies, supporting inventors, entrepreneurs, and enterprises in Suzhou and beyond to assess novel design concepts. We partner with them in the research, design, development, and commercialisation necessary for realising their technologies, as they shift to a designed-in-China strategy.

If you’re in industry, there a three main ways in which to collaborate with the department:

Student internships

Students on our undergraduate programme have the opportunity to take part in industrial internships, offering them real-world work experience through which to build industry knowledge and contacts. The companies that host our students benefit from employing some of the very brightest new talents in industrial design in China. Our students are taught by a multidisciplinary, international team of academic staff and have technological knowledge combined with excellent English language skills and a global perspective. Their knowledge of China, as well as cutting-edge technical skills, mean they are a huge asset to any company looking to employ people who can positively impact their production and R+D.

Real-world projects

Students on our undergraduate programme have multiple opportunities to work on real-world projects, either as part of their three-month design studio modules or as part of their final-year project. These real projects are submitted directly by companies who seek to gain cost-effective support for their R+D activities. Students benefit from working on projects with real stakeholders who have real market needs and technological constraints, while companies are able to take advantage of our students’ unique, international perspectives.

Staff collaboration

Our multidisciplinary, international team of academic staff have a wealth of practical and professional industrial design experience and can collaborate on short- or long-term consultative projects with industry. These projects may benefit from research grant funding, as well as the new perspective that those working in academia can bring.


If you’re in industry and are interested in any of the above opportunities, do get in touch.