Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development

Since its establishment in 2006, XJTLU has strived to improve education, reshape teaching, and to redefine what universities can be despite the uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity and changeability of today’s world.

The Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development (ILEAD), founded in 2013, has become one of the leading institutions in promoting education reform and improving the leadership of education practitioners in China. It is dedicated to connecting education professionals who are passionate about innovation, and integrating education practice and theory.

In February 2018 ILEAD was made an official academic department of XJTLU, with the opportunity to develop and offer both masters and PhD degree programmes in education management. ILEAD also conducts research into and offers support for students’ learning, support for teacher development, training on professional competencies and leadership for education practitioners.

It is working to build a global community for education innovation and reform and the study of the future of universities.

Vision and mission

Vision: the interaction of theory and practice, multiculturalism, and the promotion of wisdom in education leadership.

Mission: to realise 'theoretical practice' and 'practical theory' by:

  • conducting research on advanced leadership and education
  • exploring and spreading new models of higher education
  • enhancing the leadership skills of higher education practitioners
  • supporting student learning for the internet age

Dean's message

"Higher education is facing great challenges. Globalisation, the knowledge economy, information technology and sustainable development are reshaping the form and value of higher education.

For example, the internet subverts the teaching methods and resource advantages of traditional universities. If you can select courses from prestigious universities and participate in discussions at any time at home via the internet, why go to university?

To confront these challenges, we must reflect on and adjust the value, form, function and education models of today’s universities.

XJTLU was established with the goal of aiding deep innovation of global higher education. It's great vision is to discover new patterns for China’s and the world’s higher education, and reform and development has been promoted since the very beginning. After several years of exploration, XJTLU has made great achievements in developing education philosophies, management methods and internationalisation strategies and won recognition from all walks of the society.

ILEAD promotes the educational explorations and practices of XJTLU, facilitating innovation for Chinese and global education. It conducts distinctive and high-level research in the fields of leadership and education, offers consultations, and holds conferences, forums, and training programmes.

I hope more colleagues can join ILEAD or cooperate with us to create new education models and, together, promote the development of global higher education."