Education Leadership Excellence Courses

Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development

ILEAD's Education Leadership Excellence courses aim to discuss directions and strategies for higher education reform, both nationally and globally.

"There are claims that the main channel for talents cultivation is in the class. However, we would like to change this concept completely. It is found that students have read a lot of books and learned many theories but the practical ability is comparatively weak. Many facts indicate that students who are actively participating the extracurricular practice have the stronger practical ability and will perform better whether in job-hunting and future development. The “students-centred” talents cultivation philosophy of XJTLU is advanced, detailed in system structure and obviously effective, which has the very practical referenced meaning to us."

Yin Fubing, Deputy Secretary of Committee of CPC in Business College of Beijing Union University

“Currently, the most influencing factor of innovation is mainly manifested in the aspects of course design and quality assurance; accordingly, the reform on teacher assessment system is needed, which is supported by a high-efficient information system. For teachers, it is important for us to transfer the concept from managing students to serving students; however, there are great challenges in real life. Once I came back from XJTLU, I realised the distinctive features of this university.”

Hebei University of Science and Technology

“The South-West Jiaotong University has participated the excellence course, and the “student-centred” practice reform of our university has taken reference from many philosophies and practices of XJTLU. It is pleasure to share our “student-centred” reform experience with more colleagues by this platform.”

South-West Jiaotong University