Training and Consultation

Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development

ILEAD is dedicated to assisting the career development of higher education practitioners and promoting their professional and life-long learning competencies, thus facilitating higher education reform in China and worldwide. A series of education leadership training courses provide help to universities:

  • Facilitate innovation and reform in education and teaching
  • Construct student-centred education systems
  • Improve students’ knowledge, capacities and quality

Strengths of ILEAD's training and consultation courses:

  • Diversified education practice: Discussions based on case studies from XJTLU and other universities
  • Global academic faculty: High-quality resources in theory and practice for domestic and global higher education presented by senior professors and scholars
  • Diverse learning experiences: Online and offline options supported by a combination of full-time professors, academic elites and peers
  • Multi-dimensional communication platforms: ILEADs platforms for communication include academic journals, a summit on higher education, an annual conference for education practitioners, and social networks.
  • Professional services and facilities: Our courses are staffed by an enthusiastic and efficient training service team, and our facilities are advanced and well-equipped
  • On-going support: Participants receive not only on-site training, but also on-going support from six months to one year afterwards.

Currently, the following education leadership training courses are provided by ILEAD:

  • Education Leadership Excellence
  • Research-led Teaching Training
  • Professional Development for Learning and Teaching Support
  • Professional Development for Student Services
  • Sustainable Development for Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools
  • Headteacher Leadership Training for Primary & Secondary Schools
  • Internalisation for Primary Education
  • Certificate in Professional Studies in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (CPS)
  • Teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
  • English as Medium of Instruction (EMI)