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The IBSS Open Enrolment courses are designed for those who seek self-improvement or advancement in their career paths. Our courses reflect the IBSS core Mission and Vision—to delivering impactful service to the business community and society by developing principled and innovative leaders. Our portfolio of over 40 executive courses—taught by experienced IBSS faculty—address immediate business challenges using practical tools, case studies, tutoring, benchmarking, and interactive teaching—are aimed at enhancing and boosting participants’ career prospect. Furthermore, the programme allows participants to learn at their own pace, provides them a networking platform for business opportunities, and creates an environment for like-minded lifelong learners to be supportive of each other.


The IBSS Open Enrolment Executive Program is committed to facilitating students’ lifelong learning and career advancement. Our Open Enrolment executive courses are designed to prepare executives to meet challenges in the fast-changing business environment. We aim to reach that goal by helping executives to think outside of the box, equipping them with analytical tools, bringing them up-to-date with the latest technology and the potential disruption of that technology, and sharing with them a global perspective with the appreciation of cross-cultural differences, different legal systems, and universal values.

We are also uniquely positioned to develop leaders in the fast-changing global marketplace for the following reasons:

  • Our education programmes provide an international perspective that integrates the East and the West, in both values and culture.
  • We have the support of the resources of the entire university.
  • Our courses are designed to help participants grasp what they are keen to learn by applying the latest research findings through an active combination of case studies, discussions, group exercises, one-on-one coaching, and role plays.
  • Our faculty come from over 30 nations, offering students a rich supply of global perspectives. With over half of our 100 staff members coming from overseas, we pride ourselves as being the voice of nations in the heart of China.


IBSS plans to offer up to 12 Open Enrolment Executive Education courses in AY2018-2019(2018-9-1 to 2019-8-31). The content and delivery dates of those courses will be continuously updated in this webpage. The following three Open Enrolment courses are now open to applications. The delivery of these three courses will begin in November 2018.

+New Disruptive Technologies: Interpreting Big Data to Identify Business Opportunities

Course Summary

Data challenges today are often categorised as “Big” because they deal with one or more of the following: “big” volume, velocity or variety. While the challenges of analysing such “big data” are widely acknowledged—growing volume, velocity and variety of data are also placing increased demands on interpretive approaches to identifying business opportunities. The growing use of solutions and technologies such as mobile, social media, and cloud computing are driving the increase of data and data-processing workloads in computing systems. Therefore, big data analytics is increasingly recognised as an emerging approach for integration between public-sector and private-sector organisations, and as a way to identify new business opportunities.

Key Learning Outcomes

On successfully completing the course, students should be able to:

  • demonstrate comprehension and application of the theories, principles and practices of big data analytics in a global business environment
  • identify business opportunities via big data analytics within various industries
  • understand and interpret the implications of big data analytics to optimise business decision making.

Course Leaders: Dr Tristan W. Chong & Dr Gary Gangmin Li

+Setting Up and Optimising Global Networks and Supply Chains

Course Summary

Globalisation has had a measurable effect on most corporate operations. More so on the decisions involving developing and sustaining an efficient and responsive supply chain. This short course will cover, through cases studies, some of the operational strategies that corporations adapt to operate in a turbulent global business environment, more specifically in the areas of agility and new-product introduction. The course will also include a short supply-chain simulation that highlights some of the factors that affect the success of an integrated supply chain.

Key Learning Outcomes

On successfully completing the course, students should be able to:

  • understand how Intel managed to improve their supply-chain performance 10-fold
  • understand the role that new technologies such as big data play in forecasting and managing the inventories in companies with broad product portfolios
  • understand how IoT is used to help manage the supplier’s capacity
  • understand the role of global supply chains in developing a competitive edge
  • understand the factors that affect a successful supply-chain integration
  • understand the challenges of new-product introduction with a global supply chain

Course Leaders: Professor Hossam Ismail & Dr George Guoquan Liu

+Applying Economic Thinking in Global Businesses—Microeconomics

Course Summary

Do big firms have an advantage over small ones? Why do some firms specialise while others engage in a large number of activities? When is it better for a firm to perform an activity itself rather than purchasing it from an independent firm? This module equips participants with the economic knowledge and skills necessary to answer these and other related questions. Theories and concepts are studied and practiced, using numerous examples from business, economics and everyday life.

Key Learning Outcomes

On successfully completing the course, you should be able to:

  • analyse make-or-buy decisions of a firm
  • understand the factors that determine the size and scope of a firm
  • determine the optional division of labour within and outside a firm.

Course Leader: Dr Marek Hudik


Module Title


Delivery Dates

Applying Economic thinking


1:00-4:30pm on November 4, 11, 18, 25 (Sundays)

New Disruptive Technologies


1:00-4:30pm on November 24, December 1, 8, 15 (Saturdays)

Global Network and Supply Chain


1:00-4:30pm on November 3, 10, 17, 24 (Saturdays)


You should consider applying for our Open Enrollment courses if you wish to

  • seek self-improvement and self-fulfillment,
  • build a network with like-minded life-long learners for mutual support,
  • become visionary leaders with a firm grasp of today’s complex global environment,
  • develop a creative and open mindset,
  • be ready to stay ahead of disruptive technology,
  • take some warm-up courses before committing to a degree program such as MBA.


Those who register and pay before September 30th 2018 can enjoy a 5% Early Bird tuition discount.

Organizations sending three or more participants to our Open Enrollment courses are eligible for a 10% tuition discount. Organisations sending 10 or more participants to our open enrollment courses may qualify for additionally discounts.


If you are interested in taking one or more of above courses, or if you have any other queries about the courses or group discounts, please contact one of our Executive Education staff:

[email protected] or + 86 512 8188 3271

[email protected] or + 86 512 8188 3236


The application deadline for our fall courses is October 19, 2018. Seats are limited for each course to ensure effective interactions between students and the teacher. We encourage you to register as early as you can to secure a seat in your interested course.