Industry, business and community

International Business School Suzhou

Direct interaction and cooperation with business has been a key pillar of IBSS’ operating model since the School’s inception. Today, we collaborate with both multinational companies and domestic Chinese firms, offering a wide spectrum of services, customised or open enrolment courses, part-time degree programmes and opportunities for companies to recruit, collaborate, grow and prosper. We have a full range of innovative initiatives to engage with the business community and wider society. If you’re interested in working with IBSS, please contact us by emailing Douglas Shearer at [email protected]


Most companies struggle to keep up with the constant need for new projects and initiatives. Our staff, who have strong professional as well as academic backgrounds, can provide the strategic analysis, global best practices and China-savvy techniques that client organisations need to solve business problems.

Academic engagement

Companies can also engage IBSS in the classroom. Live case studies for students to work on, arranging factory visits, or sending guest lecturers to discuss practical management issues are just a few examples. Or, directly benefit from engaging keen young minds with a team project, supervised by experienced academic staff.

Corporate sponsorship

IBSS invites corporate sponsorship of education and research efforts that provides tangible benefits to companies. There are many ways to promote your company brand among the XJTLU family and business educators worldwide by supporting educational initiatives such as business competitions, student prizes, research, travel grants and scholarships.

Student internships

IBSS values high-quality internships that involve our students in “real-world” projects and allow them to experience day-to-day operational management. Companies offering internships for our students directly benefit from the insights and services of bright, English-fluent, China-savvy students with a thirst for knowledge.

Joint seminars and conferences

IBSS is an ideal partner for businesses seeking to host top-quality conferences and seminars for employees, clients or customers. Our academic staff provide excellent and highly relevant speakers, panel discussion moderators and workshop facilitators. The University’s state-of-the-art classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with world-class presentation technology. For internal management retreats, IBSS academic staff can provide moderators and facilitators to assist in solving a pressing business problem or to develop a new project.

Working in partnership, together we create tailored solutions to strategic and tactical issues.

Offerings include:

  • Joint conferences and seminars
  • Joint development of case studies
  • Themed corporate away days
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Hosting of events at our conference facilities

These engagements can be held at the client’s venue, the IBSS Executive Education facilities or other venues selected by the client.

For further information, please download our Serving Business and Society brochure.