Knowledge exchange

International Business School Suzhou

Knowledge exchange aims to connect the research findings and activities of academics with life in society to enhance businesses and communities. Research and knowledge exchange are intrinsically linked at International Business School Suzhou.

Our research aims to improve the competitiveness of local businesses by drawing on the academic expertise available in the School. We aim to feed our research work into initiatives such as social responsibility and business start-up. We also strive to be a forum for ideas for the Fortune 500 companies and others operating the Suzhou area, through consultancy and funded research projects.

We offer training in the community for small businesses and run a number of workshops and seminars every month designed to disseminate research findings. For more information on our knowledge exchange projects, visit the website or contact individual members of staff.

For more information about research and knowledge exchange at International Business School Suzhou, contact Professor Charles Van Marrewijk, Head, Research and Knowledge Exchange.