Research clusters

International Business School Suzhou

Research clusters are our knowledge platforms, grouping International Business School Suzhou staff into different areas of expertise to steer research collaboration and foster support between academics of similar or related research areas. Clusters are forums for discussions and exchange of ideas, their members seeking to advance knowledge in their particular areas as well as collaborate on various projects.

Clusters are valuable for supervising research with IBSS. While these are expert centres, there is also great deal of cross-cluster activity that brings a multidisciplinary aspect to a number of initiatives.

Examples of activities that take place at cluster-level include, but are not limited to, joint research, funding applications, research seminars, invitation of guest speakers, joint consultancy, knowledge transfer activities, and services to the community.

Cluster Subjects covered Staff
Auditing, financial reporting
and corporate governance
Performance management;
internal and external auditing;
financial reporting;
corporate taxation;
corporate governance.

Dr Yun Dai
Min Wang
Dr Peng Cheng
Dr Brian Wright
Dr Sun Liu
Dr Xiaoming Ding
Dr Chi-Yih Carol Yang
Dr Lingyan Zuo
Dr Jing Huang

Consumer behaviour,
e-marketing, e-business
Innovation adoption and diffusion;
consumer behaviour;
demand forecasting;
behavioural economics.
Dr Jiyao Xun

Dr Woonkian Chong
Dr Lixian Qian
Dr Eddy Fang
Dr Donald Pak
Dr Yingying Liao
Dr Yan Sun
Dr Florian Kohlbacher

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
and business ethics
Corporate environmental performance;
green issues; ethical practice.
Dr Xuanwei Cao

Dr Yin Juelin
Dr Eddy Fang
Dr Florian Kohlbacher

Econometrics Cross-sectional analysis;
time series analysis; panel analysis.
Dr Paulo Regis

Dr Chongcheul Cheong
Dr Nimesh Salike
Dr Tiago Freire
Dr Yang Chen

HRM (Human Resources Management)
and cross-cultural management
Resourcing (including recruitment and selection);
Employment relations; performance management;
training, learning and development; rewards;
international HR; diversity; culture;
employment law; emotional intelligence.
Dr Douglas Davies

Dr Chanzi Bao
Dr Yujie Cai
Dr Dieu Hack-Polay
Dr Tiago Freire
Huijuan Peng
Dr Haifeng Fu
Dr Zheng Liu

Innovation and entrepreneurship Technological innovation;
institutional and individual entrepreneurship;
Dr Xuanwei Cao

Christoph Zabe
Dr Yin Juelin
Dr Lixian Qian
Dr Florian Kohlbacher

International trade, FDI
and Asian business
International production networking; multinationals;
Chinese outward FDI;
China-Africa economic relations.
Professor Jean Chen

Dr Nimesh Salike
Dr Martins Priede
Roberto Dona

Microeconomics Economic growth; applied econometrics;
Asia and Pacific economy; public economics;
competition policy; applied microeconomics;
discrete choice modelling;
environmental economics;
transport and health economics.
Dr Yang Chen

Dr Simon Rudkin
Dr Jose Grisolia

Monetary economics and policy Money and banking;
economic integration; trade integration.
Dr Bo Yang

Dr Yue Jiang
Professor Jari Kappi

Risk management, investment management
and capital markets
Securities; pricing;
risk analysis and management;
market microstructure; derivatives;
uncertainty and financial variables.
Professor Jean Chen

Professor John Evans
Professor Jari Kappi
Dr Juan Tao
Dr Qing Ye
Dr Chongcheul Cheong
Dr Thian Cheng Lim
Dr Jing Huang

Strategic management Business and management strategy;
environmental strategy.
Professor Jean Chen

Roberto Dona
Dr Xuanwei Cao
Christoph Zabe
Dr Donald Pak
Dr Florian Kohlbacher