Examples of ongoing research projects

International Business School Suzhou
Year awardedProject namePrincipal investigatorFunding body
2015Theoretical and Empirical Studies on the Dynamic Diffusion of Low Carbon Innovations: the Perspective of Socio-technical System EvolutionLixian QianNSFC (General Programme)
2015Assessment of Margin Performance China's Futures Markets: Standards, Adequacy and EvaluationYi HongHumanities and Social Science Program of the Chinese Ministry of Education
2015Consumer Adoption of Multi-level Low-carbon Innovations: Empirical Study in South Jiangsu AreaLixian QianJiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Funding Programme
2015A Study Of Pro-Environmental Consumer Behavior in the City of SuzhouJuelin YinJiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Funding Programme
2015How do latecomers catch up: Internationalisation, institutions and innovation of firms in emerging economiesFangrong LiJiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Funding Programme
2014E-marketing Services and E-marketing Performance: The Roles of Innovation, Knowledge Complexity and Environmental Turbulence in Influencing the RelationshipTristan W. ChongNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2014Higher -order moments and expected return: Background risk and uncertaintyMichael T. ChngRDF 2014 Round 2
2014The statistical arbitrage between the CSI 300 index futures and SGX FTSE China A50 index futuresGuoquan LiuRDF 2014 Round 2
2014The Components of Illiquidity Costs in China’s Stock and Stock Index Futures MarketsJuan TaoRDF 2014 Round 2
2014Quantitative Pricing and Hedging Models for the Chinese Derivatives MarketQi DengRDF 2014 Round 3
2013Enterprise and the non-profit organisation social union strategy researchJuelin YinNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2013An investigation of financial fraud occurrence in Suzhou, ChinaYan SunJiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Funding Programme
2013Jiangsu Province joint venture capital investment and internationalisationXiaoming DingJiangsu Social Sciences Funding Programme
2013An empirical study of youth culture and globalization: Generation Y, perceived risks and online purchase behaviorYan SunRDF 2013 Round 2
2013Work Life Balance in Transnational Educational Environment - A comparative study between local nationals, overseas returnees and expatriatesChanzi BaoRDF 2013 Round 2
2013Skills Deficits in China: Social, Industrial and Policy IssuesDouglas DaviesRDF 2013 Round 2
2013Consumer Adoption Preferences to Eco-Innovations: the Case of Alternative Fuel Cars in ChinaLixian QianRDF 2013 Round 2
2013Environmental Regulations, Firm’s Management and Innovation in ChinaSoo Keong YongRDF 2013 Round 2
2013Experiments on the provision of public goodsMiguel A. Sanchez VillalbaRDF 2013 Round 3
2013Corporate marginal tax rates in China: Estimation and applicationYang ChenRDF 2013 Round 3
2013China’s Investment Banking Sector: Measuring Efficiency and Motivations for Foreign InvestmentPeng ChengRDF 2013 Round 3
2013Price limit performance: Evidence from China’s stock marketJuan TaoPGRS 2013 Round 1